Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 10 - Athens to Savannah

Day 10: Athens to Savannah!

Wow! Where have I been? The answer to that is this blog, but due to unforeseen adventuring, I haven't been able to get around to blogging *every day* as I would like to.


So, back when I was visiting Athens, I visited my Aunt and Uncle-I thought this shot was funny, Thomas Jefferson, just chilling in their drive (right before I left)

I also finally had the chance to experience my Aunt's store; which I will be posting a few shots from later on (that will go likely onto DeviantArt, not here) however, I won't completely leave you without showing you a piece of it - on my way to Waffle House (yay! I finally got to go) I took this picture of her store through the window. It's a Victorian house that is on the Register of Historic places. What a lovely building, inside and out! I will most definitely link to the better shots here, because this quick, not-looked at cropping of this isn't any right way to depict the store.

I don't know that I've felt more at home in an alien place before in my life :)

For those of you who don't know Waffle House, this is what they look like...

It's definitely like a cheaper, tastier Denny's, I guess. I know that any time I'm "southerly" I try to eat at one now. I definitely grabbed some eggs and biscuits and gravy. Omnomnom.

While I didn't spend enough time in Athens to accurately portray the town, I'll give a snippet of my thought: I drove along the Greek Row. Their frat and sorority houses are gorgeous out here; I'm envious in ways. I was never involved in Greek life - however, if it allowed me to live in a house like this, yeah I guess I am pretty jealous ;)

When I eventually started out a bit later, I began my journey to the Atlantic Coast and Savannah. Along the way I saw several scenes such as this:

The small thing to the side is a little place to buy peaches. As I don't live in a very "farmy" area, I don't see TOO many of these - I recall the place bragging about their muskmelons around Galesburg, IL - but hadn't seen too many again until I drove into Georgia, just past Athens. Peaches, Vidalia Onions - all fresh... I never pulled over, and I'm kind of regretting it... but I don't like peaches, and as much as I love onions, they aren't the kind of thing you sample alone in the car while driving -_-;

Much of Georgia's geography involved scenes like this:

I saw quite a few of those "southern pines" - anyone who knows about that type of tree can tell me all they wish. If not, I'll be looking it up when I get home :)

Another thing I keep driving past and never stopping at is 'local eateries' - I just haven't been passing them when I'm hungry, so I never seem to be able to eat at hole-in-the-walls along the drive :/

I don't really like Barbeque - but I'll bet if I had it at one of these places, I'd love it.

I was hoping to see a lot more Americana like this:

-but you have to learn to look in the right towns with significant time periods - this was one of 2 buildingside ads I saw so far.

By far the most... interesting... building along the roadside:

I also got to see a second rainbow (though I didn't catch any of the rainstorm :o )

I have been blessed with amazing sunsets - or I am finally outside to watch the duration of them since I've been on the road for the entirety of them most nights, not sure which :)

As I neared Savannah, the dusk was quickly approaching and I was frightened by the fact that I hadn't realized when my gas light turned on. I only had about 275 miles so far on that tank, so I didn't have a whole lot left. I was worried I'd run out of gas - and that particular stretch of interstate was not very forgiving with respect to gas station placement.

And finally, I found one.

It gave me a laugh, to boot. Thanks, El Cheapo.

I arrived in Savannah and got everything up to my room by around 10:30 or 11. It was possibly the worst experience with a hotel that I've ever had. I didn't exactly want to try to move all my things again, so I didn't ask for a new room. If I knew I would get my money back though (and that I could find another room elsewhere) I would have left, for sure. So yeah - down with Microtels. -_-;

They did NOT have TCM at this particular hotel so I was watching a lot of the Weather Channel - too grossed out and nervous to sleep for almost the entire night.
The Weather Channel, however, gave us all a typographical shoutout from back home. Also, hilarious last name...

Gosh that place was scary...

and then... eventually I woke up in the morning to begin my Savannadventure.

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