Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 9: Atlanta to Athens/Bogart


Yeah, you see it, NO PICTURES! That means a whole lot less work for me.

As I'm typing this, I'm typing from Bogart, GA... another town that family lives in. This time, it's family from my Father's side: the Fishers. We're a goofy bunch (in a good way).

At any rate - here I will note a few things.

1) The driving that was bad... thankfully STAYED in Atlanta. After the traffic thinned out, mostly the bad driving that was left was by the hands and eyes of yours truly: slinking around as quickly as possible, staying alert and out of the way of the GSP. They have blue lights :) Such a peculiar part of the South.

2) I got scammed by a guy at a gas station. I bought some batteries. (a pack of 4 AAs) When I got to the next stoplight (probably about 2.5mi away) I opened them, noting the Arabic print on the back. Duly noted was the seemed cut into the package (as if they'd been resealed) and the tape used to fix the container up. I tried all of the batteries; they were so dead they didn't even turn the camera on long enough to get the "Change the batteries" message. This means that not only do I not have batteries still, but I am now also -$5.34. :(

3)My family is hilarious and awesome. I feel completely awful for calling them the morning that I wanted to visit: it happened that way because I thought it was too late the other night at C^7--though when I stated this, my Uncle and Aunt were both telling me "You're family, family gets help at any time." And it was at that moment that I realized, it's really nice to have family (or anyone-but specifically in this case, family) that cares. This may have been a realization that I've already had, but I got hit in the face with it last night. Even though one cousin has a little girl and another one on the way, she made it out for dinner (was lovely to see them!). And my other cousin will be living in Vegas a good 2.5 weeks from now he should be fairly settled in with house stuff - so I got to see him before he left. teeheehee...

4) On Jared and corn nuggets: So Jared told me about a few things in the car when I hung out with him. The first important one is this: he told me that he and his friend have been having this strange run of times where they somewhat impulsively go do something. His reasoning makes a lot of sense though: "I really kinda hate when you plan something, or think about it-and it doesn't happen or it takes forever to." He said that because of that, he and his pal say to do it then, (for example, food that they really have a craving for, perhaps) and then they really get things done a lot quicker. It is for this reason that I not only got more tasty fried okra (I think the only place I can get it around my house is at Cracker Barrel) but I got to try these things called corn nuggets. Are you ready for this? It's basically FRIED CREAMED CORN IN A HEAVENLY BITE SIZED SNACK. Wow. Favorite food from the trip so far? Probably the catfish. Favorite new food? Corn nuggets, for srs.

5) Aunt Karen's store: I will not completely elaborate on my feelings about this just yet, suffice to say that seeing my Aunt's workspace/place and her AT work made me feel a little more excited about the field I'm going into. My Aunt is one of the blessed few who does what she enjoys for a living... so she essentially never has to work. I hope to post some pictures here later of the outside and inside of the store that she has. I get the most calm feeling from the store, and would that I could hang out in a place such as that more often: I felt completely at home (a feat that isn't even accomplished at my actual home). What a lovely time. More on that later.

Basically I'm going to hang with my Aunt today, take some pics (I might even get out to a thrift store or two... they are always better here than at home...) get my oil changed and then, on to SAVANNAH, GA!!! w00t!


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  1. I have kin near Augusta; one, a teacher (surprise!) once told me: "If you want to kill 99% of all Southerners, take away their frying pans and deep fryers." I think you my son and I are the only Yankees who like fried okra--the ONLY way I'll eat it, BTW. Have fun.